An All-Inclusive Legacy Product

Now offered with, The Life Chest is the first all-inclusive legacy product, providing a lasting, meaningful way to share both tangible and intangible memories.

Save your high school yearbook? Share your high school memories in My Biography and reference classmates and teachers in your yearbook. Serve in the military? Include your years of service in My Timeline and place your ribbons, medals and challenge coins inside your Life Chest. Planning a road trip? Add your destinations to My Bucket List and save your mementos in The Life Chest.

Amelia saves her heirlooms in her Life Chest and then shares its significance in My Favorite Things on

Mike Elliot records his memories and most valued possessions from everyday life, to his time serving in the military and for his work with the All Veteran Group, of which he is the founder.

Mike Elliott’s mission is one of hope and inspiration, “With AVG, we are changing directions and changing lives. We provide a blueprint to translate aspiration for change into action, and a new sense of freedom. Traditional values of teamwork, effort, accountability, trust and selflessness are the cornerstones of AVG’s Programs.”

With The Life Chest & you can take the tangible items you’ve preserved and link them to a digital place to both store and share with friends and family. Together your Legacy will live on through both your memories and most personal items.


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