Here at The Life Chest, we are truly grateful and humbled by the incredible people that we are able to meet. From all ages and all walks of life, so many people identify with the mission of The Life Chest and its meaning, including our country’s veterans. From the Chapter 9 VVA in Detroit, the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, and the Veteran-Owned Business Roundtable and beyond, we have been so fortunate to meet truly amazing individuals who have served in our nation’s military. In honor of Veteran’s Day coming up, we wanted to take a moment to help our many veteran friends and their family members unravel something- the DD-214, and how to get it.

So what is a DD-214? It is an official form given to you by the United States Department of Defense upon retiring, separating, or discharge from the military. In short, a DD-214 is proof and verification of your military service. Think of it as your ‘one-stop shop’ of a document: it’s the most comprehensive paperwork any military service member has, even above medical records. Whether you’re applying for a home loan or other benefits through the VA, getting ready to retire, or even trying to replace your father’s long-lost medals, obtaining your DD-214 is essential, and will help you in a multitude of ways.

A guide to obtaining your DD-214 can be found below- special thanks to our friends at Veteran’s Radio for putting it together! You can find even more great resources at .

Veterans may request replacements for their military honors and decorations following the below link:

If you’re requesting a family member’s medals be replaced, use the following link:

We want to honor the sacrifice and bravery of our country’s veterans as well as protect and secure their legacy, whether it’s through a Life Chest itself, or extending a helping hand. This Veteran’s Day, we want to say to all of our military members past and present have done to protect our own legacies: from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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wo methods.

First Method:
* Write a request for your personal DD-214.  Give reason for replacement of DD-214, lost, stolen, etc..  Mail to: National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO, 63138-1002.  Do not include your Service  or social security numbers with this first letter.

* If you are requesting a relatives, eg. Dad, Mom, Brother’s DD-214, state your relationship and reason you are personally requesting.  Do not send proof of death or your information.  Wait for their response back to you.

Second Method:
*Go to, and follow prompts.

Just a note.  Make copies of everything.  It may take a while for their response.  When I did it it was three months total from letter to receiving DD-214 in the mail.

While you are looking to obtain your DD-214 also ask for replicas of your earned service awards, eg. weapon Marksmenship, Good Conduct, etc.  All will be provided, to you, complimentary, from your Government.

Thank you for your service.

Bob Gould, Dale Throneberry, Producers
Veterans Radio