A Life Chest, the Gift That Keeps on Giving

One of the integral missions of The Life Chest is to positively impact the lives of all it touches. An important group that we serve is our nation’s military veterans. A Life Chest serves as a tangible representation of a lifetimes’ worth of memories, but holds special meaning for a veteran. Beyond preserving keepsakes and photos, it also helps to display awards and honors and to secure important paperwork like a DD-214. It allows you to look fondly on past accomplishments, remember to live consciously in the present moment, and to leave a lasting legacy for the future.

We were recently able to donate 55 Life Chests to members of the Chapter 9 VVA in downtown Detroit for Veteran’s Day, and have been receiving amazing photos and stories from the event ever since, such as this one. Thank you to all of our friends at the Chapter 9 VVA, and welcome to our new Life Chest Lifer Claude Wood!

“Vietnam veteran, George Sheppard III received a Freedom Life Chest as a gift for his service both then and now at the recognition event held by them at the Chapter 9 VVA Detroit on November 10, 2015.

George in turn gifted his Life Chest to a special friend and fellow veteran, Mr. Claude Wood. Claude is a 97 year old WWII veteran and a 1946 charter member of the Fraser VFW Post 6691. George’s father George Sheppard Jr. was also a charter member at that time. Claude and George III have both dedicated their lives to supporting our military and veterans.

At a surprise birthday recognition and celebration, George presented his special gift to Claude.”