Life Chest Adventures in New York

By Donna Yost

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The alarm goes off, you might hit the snooze and rest for a measly nine more minutes... Or you jump out of bed and gear up for your day. You help your kids get ready. One of them drops her bowl of cereal all over your outfit, grrr... You fly out the door after handling what seemed to be ten fires all at once. An office arrival comes with its own set of challenges... Prep for your executive meeting... That conference call at 11:00 isn't going to call itself... What's on the menu for lunch...? Nothing, you just got called to a meeting you should have had yesterday... We've all been through those days. They can be both fun and challenging.

Let's take you onboard one of many days we live here at The Life Chest. NYC – New York International Bridal Fashion Week to be exact, featuring The Life Chest and Katerina Bocci, Couture Bridal Designer.

The destination? The London Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, a few short blocks from the theater district and Central Park.

Being our first experience in New York Fashion Week, the team, eyes as big as saucers, heels as high as the Empire State Building, designer fashion from head to toe with the brightest red lipstick we could find, poured ourselves into preparing for the most challenging, yet rewarding experience of our lives. In a daze of travel, hunger setting in, and the awe of the city, we maintained our focus.

Our one mission, branding The Life Chest. One of the most successful retailers in the world tagged The Life Chest as “the most soulful product on the planet”. Wow!

With dresses steaming and flowers flying, clouds of hairspray and puffs of powder, 15 of the most elegant New York City Models had donned Katerina Bocci’s 2017 Couture Collection.

Lining the runway were the best of New York’s fashion critics; cameras flashing and film crews squeezing tight to ensure every curve, jewel, and drip of romance is captured forever. Enter “The Life Chest”, equally as elegant; there to preserve every bit of New York City’s 2016 Bridal Fashion Week’s keepsakes and history for generations to come.

If we could have caught every sigh, every tear of joy, and every gasp as each of Katerina’s couture gowns entered the runway, you would now understand why we do what we do.

As if NYC Fashion Week wasn’t enough, not only does The Life Chest help us record our most amazing experiences of today, it also reminds us of our past. Jill Brzezinski-Conley, our angel, connected us to Hoda Kotb in a very divine way. Hoda, I hope you love your Glamour Life Chest as much as Jill loved hers and fill it with as many cherished moments as you can… Please visit and watch the 15 minute documentary at the end of this post. It is definitely worth your time!

NYC…It was a #LifeChestMoment to remember!

Every piece of the Life Chest Moment is soulful and rich with integrity. It feels fluid, not rigid, and like peace in our not so peaceful world.

We live in the same hectic world as we began our story above, but we control how the world is perceived by us and those around us.

There are less times where we feel anguish and more times where we feel love. This can not only be productive; it can be powerful.

NYC can have a lasting impact. We now own a mini-storage in Manhattan. Who knew that would ever happen?! The adventures we go on leave our legacy with the stories we have to tell. This is our brand. That is what The Life Chest is all about... Oh, and P.S... We already lost the key. If found, please return. :)

To reach out to us or to purchase a Life Chest please contact Thank you for reading our story.

The White Chapel Memorial Park Inaugural 5k Walk/Run to Help Our Heroes

The Life Chest will be taking part in the White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery's inaugural 5K/1 Mile Run/Walk Help Our Heroes Patriots Race on September 11, 2016.

Following the race will be the official unveiling and dedication of the one of a kind War on Terror Memorial and The Life Chest will be donating eight Freedom Military Life Chest’s to The Michigan Wounded & Returning Warriors Project (MW&RWP).

The Patriots Race will allow participants to run or walk down the boulevards of over 400 large American flags and past the existing memorials honoring; WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf War heroes as well as the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action memorial. The funds raised by this race will help our combat veterans who return from battle to cope with the mental and physical challenges they have suffered and endured during war.  

The race proceeds will benefit The Michigan Wounded & Returning Warriors Project (MW&RWP).  The Michigan Wounded & Returning Warriors Project is a 501(c)3 and is a part of the Michigan American Legion family of organizations serving and supporting veterans.  

MW&RWP runs several successful programs including :

  • Returning veteran re-integration family retreats in Northern Michigan

  • PTSD and Eco-Therapy Retreats in partnership with therapists from the Michigan Psychological Association Foundation

  • PTSD community educational presentations

  • Emergency temporary financial assistance

  • Home accessibility modification assistance

  • Disability claims assistance and guidance &

  • Adaptive services provider, clinic and network guidance




Reading Your Future: A Psychic Reading Like No Other

This past week, The Life Chest Team decided to do something new and exciting. We all took a trip to see a psychic. You may be thinking this idea is off the wall or a little bit strange. While this may be true, this experience truly changed all of our lives! The amount of detail the psychic was able to go in on our life and past experiences was staggering.

The information she was able to provide us about our futures was unbelievable. She described life events in detail. These events ranged from anything to love life, career success, education, and much more. For example, I was told that one day I was going to own my own business! The psychic also knew a lot of information about my family, both past and present.

The name of our psychic was Angela. In case you are ever interested in getting a psychic reading yourself, she is located at 37 E Maple Road in Troy, MI. You can reach her at the phone number (586) 689-9200. What an amazing experience this was. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. If ever given the opportunity to meet with a psychic, I recommend you take advantage of it!


History of the World

This blog post will go down in history as the greatest piece of writing ever.

Okay, so maybe that is a stretch. The point is every single action taken is a part of history. Think about it, at one point in time people thought that the world was flat and that going too far into the ocean would lead to a dark abyss. Going back to the founding of this country, it is said that Christopher Columbus discovered a new world, The Americas, in 1492. Between that point and now, the world has developed in so many different ways. From the founding of the United States of America in on July 4, 1776, to any of the World Wars that followed. This is all information that you all probably ran into at one point or another in school!

christopher columbus

Speaking of school, students start the Fall semester very soon! It is important to be prepared and ready to conquer your studies. The Life Chest can help in this process! By placing your favorite memories inside of your Life Chest, it can help you to remember key events in history! Such as an American Flag for the Independence Day of America.

The Dynasty Life Chest is ON SALE NOW! It is a perfect place to store artifacts from all of your historic moments!


Teaching is a Tough Job

Whether it be kindergarten, high school, or college, teaching can be a tough job. Not only because of the grief caused by students, but as in every job, it can become stressful. As a student or parent, you have to do what is best in your power to make their life easier! There is no sense in confronting a teacher about a grade or situation in which you have no control over.

Teaching is actually a very positive job! You can inform students on certain subjects and help to develop them into a valuable contribution to society! Everybody seems to have that certain teacher that sticks out. For me, it was my 4th grade English instructor. Not only was he wise, but he made learning the information fun! He did this with interactive games and activities within the class. I actually got to know him on a personal level and still remain in contact with him today!

The bottom line is while teaching may be stressful at times, it is an unbelievably rewarding job to have!

In my opinion, every teacher should have a LIFE CHEST to store all the memories they have made over the years instructing!

Cultural Impacts on Education

When I was a toddler, I did not say a word. I let everyone else do the talking for me! It wasn't until 3 years old that I began to form sentences that made sense. The English language is actually considered one of the hardest to learn. For Americans, it is usually the only language we learn. The United States does not require students in public schools to take any course associated with foreign language. It is a choice that is left up to the students who are learning the information. When I went to school, it was not a requirement to take a foreign language. However, I took 2 years of Spanish for my own well-being. 

The percentage of American adults that know more than one language is only 25%. Of this 25%, only 7% said they learned the new language in school. The majority of people were taught the second language at home. In other countries, it is a requirement that kids learn a second language at a young age. For example, students in the United Kingdom start learning a second language at age 11. In Germany, they are taught a second language at a whopping 3 years old! 

Whether you agree or disagree that learning a second language is important, many nations believe that it is. Eventually the USA may catch up with the times. For the time being, only English is a requirement in our public schools. 

For an extra touch of cultural flavor, take a peek at our Zen Blossom Life Chest! ON SALE NOW!


Paper, Pencils, Backpacks, Oh My!

It's always good to be prepared! We've developed a list of sorts for you or someone you know that is headed back to school this Fall! We have included everything you need to start your endeavors:

  • Pencil Box

  • Pencils

  • Crayons

  • Colored Pencils

  • Markers

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Erasers

  • Glue Sticks

  • Scissors

  • Plastic Folders

  • Construction Paper

  • Notebook

  • Tissues

  • Backpack

  • Lunchbox

Of course, there is much more that can be added to this list. It's just an idea to get you started on your back to school shopping! 

Know someone graduating soon? Surprise them with an Oxford Life Chest! Keep all of their memories safe forever!

How Taking Notes Correlates to Good Grades

The one thing most people always dreaded in school was note-taking. I always thought of it as a waste of time. Why should I write down the information that is already presented in front of me? As time went on, I realized how important such a simple task really is. Note-taking helps you retain the majority of information you are being taught in class.

This is not just an opinion though. Research conducted by Cornell University states that "Not taking notes results in forgetting 60% of the information presented in 14 days." That is a staggering number! On the other hand, taking some notes results in remembering 60% of the information. However, taking organized, structured notes can result in remembering up to 90-100% of the information!

A+ Image

Sadly, just taking notes is not enough. It is also proven that hand-writing notes over taking notes in a different way, such as on a laptop, can improve memory of the data. It is connected through muscle memory and your brain analyzing the words on the paper. So maybe next time you're in the classroom, it's time to get out a paper and pencil!

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13 years later...

13 Years. That is the amount of time the average American citizen goes to school. Kindergarten, plus grades 1 through 12. Surprisingly, only about 30% of American's go to college and get a 4-year degree. This number will only continue to rise as college degrees are becoming mandatory for high paying jobs.

Regardless of how long you went to school, there are definitely memories from that time period at some point. Whether it was Prom senior year, or eating lunch with your best friends, everybody has something to remember. 

The perfect place to keep all of the artifacts from all these long-lasting memories is inside of a Life Chest! Items that could be placed inside are diplomas, caps, tassels, varsity letters, and anything else you can think of!

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What Was Your Favorite Subject in School?

Recess. The popular answer by a kid in grade school for their favorite subject. It was much different from me. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with the history of the world. From the war that solidified our nation in 1812, to World War I & II, I have always been interested in the past. Mainly because it is fun to learn how countries and leaders learned from their mistakes.

School subjects are obviously different for everybody. For example, math and science have never been my strong suit. The information is boring to me. Therefore I lose interest. For some of the people I know, it is the complete opposite. History may be their least favorite subject, while math and science draws them in. Regardless of what you are interested in, the most important takeaway is that you pay attention to the information presented. While it may be boring and tedious, it will help you to become a more well-rounded individual.

History tends to be a popular school subject in the eyes of the general public. In an opinion article, Stephanie Ransom said, "In high school I really looked forward to History and Debate. I loved to learn about the past and write short stories for remaking the way history played out. Debate was a love of mine for many years because I wanted to be a lawyer. When I got into college though I noticed I took more to English and Writing." This just goes to show that everyone has a preference! To see what more people's opinion, click here.

In the long run, school is very important. So is making memories that last forever! I can't think of a better place to keep your most treasured valuables than in a Regent Life Chest. ON SALE NOW!