Gordie Howe

In Memory -- A Detroit Hockey Legend

Gordie Howe's legacy will live on forever. Not only in Detroit, but all across the world. Gordie Howe is known as one of, if not the most legendary hockey player of all time. He was known for his infamous "Hat Trick." Although, this hat trick did not consist of 3 goals. It was equivalent to getting into a fight, getting an assist, AND scoring a goal. 

Gordie Howe passed away today at the age of 88. Even though this is a sad day for people all around the world, it is also a day to remember how great of a man he really was. A day to celebrate 88 years of astonishing accomplishments. 

In his NHL career, Howe finished with 801 goals and 1049 assists. Not to mention the 500 goals that were scored in leagues below the NHL. 

Not many people can say they had the opportunity to play a professional sport with their son. However, Gordie Howe did. Howe played hockey with his two sons, Mark and Marty, in 1973. Gordie is a unanimous hall of fame player. He is without question one of the most talented individuals to ever play the game. 

Gordie Howe

Gordie has left an embedded footprint on the game of hockey, the city of Detroit, and sports fans across the world. Rest in peace, Mr. Hockey.