Honored To Be A Part Of President George H.W. Bush’s Big 90th Birthday Jump!

Kennebunkport, Maine – Life 2000 Ltd.

CEO Donna Yost attended George H.W. Bush’s 90th birthday party yesterday, which included the former President jumping from a plane at 6,300 feet!

It was an amazing day and an incredible moment to witness as President Bush landed on the ground with his tandem partner Sgt. 1st Class Michael Elliot, a retired member of the U.S. Army’s parachute team, the Golden Knights and the founder and President of our affiliate All Veteran Group. As they landed on the grounds of St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, family and friends sang “Happy Birthday.”

After his jump Donna presented President Bush with a personalized Freedom Chest filled with memories from this wonderful event.

“What all of us seek in our life is meaning and adventure. It’s through service that all of us can find both.” – George H.W. Bush

CEO Donna Yost with George H. W. Bush on 90th Birthday Jump
Mike Elliot and George Bush Jumping on 90th Birthday
Mike Elliot and George Bush Sr. Jumping Tandem on the Former Presidents 90th Birthday
Freedom Lifestyle with AVG and George Bush Mike Elliot
AVG Founder Mike Elliot with George Bush Sr. After the Jump