Mike’s Life Chest Story

“With the development of The Life Chest I now realize that these moments and stories can be shared by family and friends because the silent voice of each item is a piece of me… the essence of who I am. Thank you for giving the vehicle to share the path I have walked and the path I will explore.”

– Mike Elliott, Golden Knight and founder of The All Veteran Group

Paul’s Life Chest Story

“I’ve been using my Freedom Life Chest to chronicle not only my Army service in Vietnam, but my current activities on behalf of other veterans. In my Life Chest I have my Silver Star and my Purple Heart, other awards and honors, photos from my time in Vietnam, and a newspaper article from 1986 where I’m named as then-mayor Coleman Young’s first member of a gaming commission. I also have pictures of past Veterans Day Parades in Detroit, articles talking about the Veterans Memorial Park dedication next to the Chapter 9 VVA,  and a clipping of a newspaper piece discussing a memorial dinner for Spec. Holly McGeogh, the only female soldier from Michigan killed in Iraq. I keep a picture of her because I’m her voice, and the voice for so many others who didn’t come home. That’s what drives me in all I do for the Chapter 9 VVA, for the city of Detroit, and for all veterans. My Freedom Life Chest represents not only me, but everything dear to me.”

– Paul Pallazzolo

Kelly’s Life Chest Story

“I would like to thank The Life Chest company for their beautiful Life Chests. I purchased two: one for my husband who is a retired Metro Transit Police Officer in Washington, DC. And one for my son SSG Christopher W. Swanson who was killed in Iraq on July 22, 2006. We have have another son, Kenny, who is married and has two children. Everyone leaves a legacy. What better way for our grandchildren to know their Uncle Chris and their PaPaw and the lives they led. The chests are beautifully made inside and out, and we could not be happier with them.”

– Kelly Swanson