The Life Chest and Alzheimer’s

Today’s society is so fleeting, technology-obsessed and fast-paced that we often forget to slow down, reflect, and appreciate the little things.

At The Life Chest, we know how important it is to preserve the most precious moments of your life.

Something as simple as a concert ticket, a dried flower, or an old necklace can not only mark important occasions in your life, but also can bring back wonderful memories.

For an Alzheimer’s patient, a Life Chest could prove to be a powerful tool to help remember such occasions. That’s why when we found this great article from, we couldn’t resist sharing. Instead of the suggested plastic bin, we of course think a Life Chest would be a much better choice: beauty, quality, and the ability to be passed down through generations is what sets us apart.

Colonial Life Chest and Colonial Memory Life Chest

Colonial Life Chest and Colonial Memory Life Chest

Not only do we have over 30 styles to suit all tastes, several of our Life Chests have self-closing lids and piano hinges, which prevents pinched fingers and damage to items stored inside. We have also partnered with, which is an amazing free software that will allow you to truly record the story behind each item in the Life Chest. This way, not only will you remember why they’re important, but so will your loved one affected by Alzheimer’s.

A Life Chest is about connecting your past, present, and future. What would you put in your Life Chest?

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5 Reasons to Make a Memory Box for Alzheimer’s Patients 

For seniors with Alzheimer’s, a memory box helps recall people and events from the past. These memories, thought to be lost, can stimulate the senior emotionally and prompt conversation with loved ones.

A three-year-old’s works of art, a newspaper clipping, or a family photo; memory boxes hold items that bring us back to a time or even a moment that we hold dear. When a senior who has Alzheimer’s opens a memory box, it can stir thoughts of happy moments in life and give that person something to talk about.

Reasons to Create a Memory Box

Memory boxes can link seniors to what they love or what makes them feel good about themselves. They can even help hold an Alzheimer’s patient’s identity, with keepsakes emphasizing an overall theme, person, holiday, or an event that lifts the senior’s spirit.

It will take time to find the keepsakes to store in the memory box, but it is worth the effort. Here are five reasons to create a memory box for a senior loved with Alzheimer’s:

  1. Recall fond memories of youth, personal interests, children or history in general.

  2. Inspire conversation with caregivers, children or grandchildren.

  3. Exercise touch and other senses that the senior will rely on more and more as Alzheimer’s progresses.

  4. Spur creativity. The senior may want to create another box about a different life event or memory.

  5. Give you more insight to your loved one. When you search for keepsakes, you may find special items you did not realize the senior still had.