Giving Thanks: Agata Wysokinski

Thanksgiving is a time to cherish and reflect on the wonderful memories you were a part of this year; the friends you made, the way’s you’ve grown and the obstacles you overcame with the help of those you love.

One fond memory from this year was meeting Glenda MacPhail at Friesens.

I travelled to Altona Manitoba this year with Life Chest CEO Donna Yost to help her with the design of her new book, Pumptitude: My Journey from CEO Wife to CEO Life. We were also working on the final layout of her husband CEO Kim Yost’s 4th Book, The Life Chest.

Customer Service Representative Glenda MacPhail was waiting for us when we arrived in Winnipeg, her warm smile and positive nature was the first thing to hook me in, its funny how some people just make you instantly feel comfortable.

It happened to be Glenda’s birthday so the three of us went for a beautiful dinner at the the 529 Wellington, we chatted as if we were old friends and I learned that Glenda was a mother of two who absolutely adored her family. We laughed all night and later Glenda drove us to where we would be staying for the next few nights in Altona.

Working with Glenda over the next few days was a blast, the print world has always fascinated me and what I learned from her and the team at Friesens was both valuable and impressive. Leaving Friesens and Winnipeg I knew that I would remain in contact with Glenda, she has been invaluable to The Life Chest team and is an absolute pleasure. This year I am thankful for Glenda and for the opportunity to travel to Friesens with The Life Chest. It was truly a #LIFECHESTMOMENT

I can’t finish this post without acknowledging my favorite little turkey, My son Henry.

Here he is playing a hybrid of a few sports.

Giving Thanks: Julie Donegan

On Thanksgiving I am Thankful for:

My Dog

Giving Thanks Julie Donegan

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

Mike Elliott
Mike is truly a Life Chest Lifer! We are so grateful to have gotten to work with him. And what he does through the All Veteran Group is so inspiring and admirable we are honored to be connected with him. We wish Mike a happy, happy Turkey day!

Julie Donna and Mike Elliot

Mark “Ranger” Jones
We met Ranger back in May and have been learning so much since! Not only does he have an impressive personal story of achievement but he does incredible work with the Fisher Foundation. Another Life Chest Lifer we are so grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving Ranger!

Mark Ranger Jones

Giving Thanks: Jill Jordan

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of the year as we celebrate the family and friends we have, while remembering the ones that may not be with us today. I share a day a long time ago – when I sat at “the kids table” with my siblings, dreaming of the day when my sister got out of the highchair, allowing me to be advanced to the main table. Daddy was the best turkey-carver in the world; leaving not a scrap of meat on the carcass. Perhaps it’s an “engineering thing” or perhaps, it’s just “a daddy thing”.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving Day continues to be “The Table” because while there may be different faces around the table; it’s always filled with loving family, friends and laughter.

I give extra thanks this year to a dear friend, Molly MacDonald, Founder of The Pink Fund. Her work is so loving — supporting those who need financial assitance while undergoing breast cancer treatment to make ends meet – sometimes simply getting food on a table for their family. Molly has a wonderful gift of connecting people who may be able to help one another. She gave me the gift this year of meeting another remarkable, giving person — Donna Yost.

Molly shared the mission of THE LIFE CHEST and Donna’s quest to see a million families owning their own Life Chest in order to preserve their memories. Molly shared, “I don’t know if Donna’s company would be hiring, but it’s the kind of work that has your name all over it, Jill. I would love for the two of you to meet, regardless of what the future holds”. Well that day happened just last month, on my birthday, and I began my work with THE LIFE CHEST helping others to leave a legacy and to keep memories alive.

I’m grateful for the introduction to Donna and her awesome team that I can now call my family. The faces around the table may change but the love at the table remains the same.

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving…full of fond memories.