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Louise Cantrell

The Green Beret Foundation created a series of videos about “Everyday Heroes in the Special Forces Community”. The videos share the story of these heroes’ military service and their work in their communities as they come home from war.

This is Duane and Louise Cantrell’s Story –

Louise is a constant inspiration to all of us here at The Life Chest, she started the Dancing Angels Foundation to honor her beautiful daughters who had a love and passion for dance.

On March 6, 2012 a tragic fire took her family home in Hope Mills, NC. In this fire Louise lost her husband and best friend Duane and her two daughters Isabella and Nathalia.

“I had to literally figure out how to start my life again.  I could not crawl into a hole and give up.  I created the Dancing Angels Foundation for two reasons.  As a parent who has lost her children, my biggest fear is that they will be forgotten.  So this foundation will honor and perpetuate their memory.  They loved to dance. Anywhere they heard music they were dancing.  Secondly, I want to help a child who shares the same love and passion for dance as my girls did to continue to dance.  It is the best way I know how to honor my dancing angels and help others. It is a bittersweet endeavor, but one that I need to do for myself, my daughters, and any child that has a love of dance.”

Thank you for sharing your story Louise, your foundation is changing the lives of so many young girls and you are truly an unbelievably caring and uplifting person.

Learn more about the Dancing Angels Foundation:



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Giving Thanks : CEO Donna Yost

The day had started out just like all others at The Life Chest! People bustling around doing what we all do best, digging deep to create special moments not only for those that work at The Life Chest but for those Life Chest Lifers we are so focused on creating. You see, we all have stories, and these stories need to be shared. In sharing these stories we bring people together, in bringing people together we bring joy, healing and camaraderie; moments that may not have been shared otherwise.

It’s Thanksgiving, and what Thanksgiving means to me is simple. I thank God for giving me the presence of mind to be aware of those around me. I am thankful for the experiences in life that allowed me to be a good listener. I am proud of and thankful for my husband Kim and the vision of The Life Chest he shared with me long ago and his willingness to share that vision with others. I am thankful for The Life Chest Team and their undying and ever present love they share in our mission.

Most of all I am thankful to the Life Chest Lifers like Mike Elliott and the AVG TEAM for bringing us to Louise Cantrell this year. One day I eagerly answered the phone hoping to connect yet again with someone needing a Life Chest, and there she was, this beautiful soft voice on the other line. After a brief introduction Louise began to share her story with me and I was touched by it, I am thankful for her share and am inspired by her perseverance and goodwill.

Please read Louise’s story and learn about the Dancing Angels Foundation, created to honor and perpetuate the memory of Isabella & Natalia Cantrell who were tragically killed in a house fire.


I hope that reading and learning about Louise and her family, seeing her photos and sharing a prayer this Thanksgiving will enable you to see why we so passionately do what we do every day. I LOVE The Life Chest Mission and for that I am THANKFUL every single day.

Louise Cantrall