PTSD Awareness Month

At The Life Chest our soldiers are very important to us. That is why, this month of June, we would like to recognize that it is PTSD awareness month.

PTSD is known as post-traumatic stress disorder. It can occur following a life-threatening event such as military combat. Those who suffer from PTSD often suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and feeling emotionally numb. The disorder is the catalyst for many difficulties within a person’s life.

According to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, about 60 percent of men and 50 percent of women will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime and the numbers are even higher for members of the armed forces.

It has been reported that our veterans are committing suicide at a rate of 22 lost each day, a staggering statistic that means we’re losing a hero every 65 minutes. At The Life Chest, we have partnered with the All Veteran Group to combine the healing potentials of our Chests with their amazing skydiving program called Therapy in the Air. With programs like Therapy in The Air, our veterans are getting the support they need to find hope in the aftermath of traumatic events and live their lives to fullest.

It is important that those suffering from PTSD can be reminded about the happier moments they’ve had throughout their lifetime. The Life Chest is currently holding a CrowdRise campaign in order to raise money to donate Life Chests to combat injured veterans who have served in the military. Our Life Chests serve to provide a special place for those who have served, or are serving in the military to keep their most treasured mementos and keepsakes. By having their very own Life Chest, they will have the opportunity to constantly be reminded of major milestones, and intimate memories.

The All Veterans group and the LifeChest is hoping to donate LifeChests to soldiers after completing the Therapy in the Air program. Therapy in the Air is “…[a skydiving program that] helps warriors thrive through post-traumatic growth (PTG). PTG refers to positive psychological change experienced as a result of the struggle with highly challenging life circumstances… Therapy in the Air inspires individuals during rehabilitation, reintegration and during the healing process… they have the power to tell new stories that will help them overcome adversity and move forward. Through telling new stories, warriors are able to rebuild a sense of self—to reconstruct an understanding of who they are, their place in the world and what their expectations of the world are.” After the combat injured solders complete Therapy in the Air, they will be presented a LifeChest with the help of your donations.

Everyone has a story worth telling, and we can’t think of anyone better to help preserve his or her most treasured moments than our American veterans. Your donation ensures that their legacy lives on. Save a life and help our veterans leave a legacy! Donate today in any amount you can, and give our incredible veterans something special.

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