The Life Chest at The Military Spouse Awards

The following individuals have made significant contributions to military families around the world. To honor them, The Ranger Group Foundation© has donated a Life Chest to each of them.

Dave Etter: USAG Kaiserlautern

Husband of Stephanie Etter of the United States Army, Dave Etter is a United States Navy veteran. During his service, Dave was a Navy submariner. One of Dave’s many talents is his ability to entertain. In addition to playing the trombone for large military crowds, Dave connects military members around the world together on his own radio show. In addition, Dave has spent over 8,000 hours of his life volunteering with the military and with boy scouts. Dave will continue to demonstrate his desire to successfully guide military families in the right direction via his radio show. The Life Chest™ has provided Dave with his very own Freedom Chest Life Chest. The Life Chest™ is filled with the most personal and intimate keepsakes that help Dave share his journey through life thus far.

David Etter

Inside David’s Freedom Life Chest:

  • Grilling Cook Book

  • Marvel Comics

  • Challenge Coins

  • Poker Set

 Natasha Harth: Marine Corps Barracks Washington

Passion and pride; two words that truly defy Natasha Harth. Natasha is the wife of Patrick Harth of the Marine Corps. Natasha has always been one to give. The heart she has instilled within the military does not go unnoticed. As a result of working a part time job, Natasha has bought clothing and supplies for underprivileged kids. While living in the D.C. area, Natasha noticed the astonishing amount of homeless individuals in the area. Then, she took action. Natasha formed the non-profit organization “Be a Blessing.” This organization is gaining notoriety for handing donation bags out to the local homeless population. The most important message Natasha delivers is to help people in need of support. The Life Chest™ has given The Aristocrat Life Chest to Natasha. This Life Chest commemorates the abundance of good deeds she has provided for so many lives over time.

Inside Natasha’s Aristocrat Life Chest:

  • Cooking with Caramels Book

  • German Shepard Cookie Cutter

  • An Apron

  • A Brownie Scout Song Book

Lindsay Bradford: NS Newport           

Nothing has ever gotten in the way of Lindsay Bradford. She is the wife of Navy serviceman Jordan Bradford. From a young age, Lindsay knew what she wanted to do in life. While working her way up through Target Corporation, Lindsay gained the ability to see what companies desired in an employee. She also began to help military spouses gain valuable experience in their careers. Her ability to demonstrate real world help to military spouses is exponential. Lindsay has been provided with The Legacy Life Chest. This chest symbolizes her character and outspoken personality. This Life Chest is packed with items that bring joyful meaning to Lindsay’s life for now and for years to come.

Lindsay Bradford

Inside Lindsay’s Legacy Life Chest:

  • Photos of the Naval Academy Chapel

  • Northwest Territorial Mint for the Naval Academy

  • Habitat for Humanity Book

  • An Arizona State Mug

Michelle Aikman: Fairchild AFB

Wife of Air Force serviceman Robert Aikman, Michelle Aikman is a one of a kind individual. Her drive for professional success and satisfaction are among her best qualities. However, she took this a step further by founding SkilledAssets, an organization specialized in guiding careers after the military. In addition to this wonderful organization, Michelle is also open to all spousal challenges within military life. Michelle was given The Regent Life Chest. Inside of the chest are inspiring artifacts related to her positive influence on military families.

Michelle Aikman

Inside Michelle’s Regent Life Chest:

  • Kickboxing Gloves

  • Joaane Fabrics© Gift Card

  • Pumpitude Book Series

  • RISE Book

Jennifer Mullen: USCG District 1

10 deployments into service. That is what Jennifer Mullen and her husband Tom have had to go through. Tom serves in the United States Coast Guard. After receiving a degree in Project Management, Jennifer was offered a job at a telecommunications company. In her spare time, Jennifer runs her blog, The Coastie Voice. This blog helps to progress Coast Guard families to be ready for whatever life throws at them. She dreams to one day bring together children of Coast Guard families. This will assure the children are ready for constant changes in their life. Jennifer received The Florence Life Chest. Her Life Chest is filled with wonderful reminders of the great deeds she has done.

Jennifer Mullen

Inside Jennifer’s Florence Life Chest:

  • Learning to Quilt Book

  • Marathon Training Book

  • Boston Tourist Map

  • Boston University Scarf

Cara Loken: Nebraska Air National Guard

Cara Loken has been through a significant amount of hardship. At one point, both her husband and son were deployed in Afghanistan. However, she has never let go of her positive outlook on life. Cara has been helping families through the same hardship she went through for quite some time. In fact, Cara’s efforts have been helping families through military deployment for years. Her concern regarding Post-Traumatic Stress is above all. Cara actually dreams to one-day match veterans dealing with PTSD with pets from shelters. We cannot thank her enough for the sacrifices she has made. Cara has been presented with The Patriot Life Chest. Considering the amount of dedication she shows to her country, this chest fits perfect.

Cara Loken

Inside Cara’s Patriot Life Chest:

  • Nebraska University Football Bracelet

  • Vintage Camera Photo Album

  • Nebraska University Pennant

  • Battle Buddies Book

The Life Chest™ will continue to support and guide military families throughout the world. The preceding individuals are just a few examples of the spectacular comfort military spouses provide. If you are interested in purchasing a Life Chest, please visit our collection. From baby showers to marriages, The Life Chest™ can fit your needs accordingly!