Join The 68 – Day Challenge with The Life Chest

Join the 68 day challenge with The Life Chest

The 68-Day Challenge

What can you achieve in 68 Days? Anything!

Art Van has created the 68-Day Challenge to make 2015 your best year yet.

Get ready to “INSPIRE” in 2015 with a Personal Plan of Action!

THE 68 DAY CHALLENGE is a program designed to help “jumpstart” your first 68 days so that the other 297 days of the year will fall into place. In other words, 68 days to a better you!


The Life Chest is taking on the 68-Day Challenge:

Through 6 phases from January 4 to March 11 our Life Chest Team will tackle each of our individual goals separately but have vowed to support each other along the way.

Taking control, having a plan and staying focused is key, we have made a commitment to help each other attain what we want most out of this challenge, and no one will be left behind!

Our team consists of 5 very different women, embracing our individuality we are all taking on the challenge in a very different manner; here are the challenges we are facing:



I love the fine arts. I even majored in Art History in college! Unfortunately my love of art and the time I have to spend on it has diverged since graduation, so my 68-day challenge for myself is to read at least one fine arts article a day. Whether it is on a new artist or an exciting upcoming installation, I plan on immersing myself in the fine arts world again!




My “One A Day” — WRITE

Correspond to a different friend each day. Not, an email but a beautiful handwritten note. I love to write but have gotten away from it and rely solely on technology to communicate.

My “None A Day” — WINE

Give up wine to reduce those liquid calories, excess sugar, and keep a clear mind. I love fine wines but do not want to take them for granted, instead I’ll increase my daily water intake and that will be an extra benefit.

My “One A Night” — WALK

A brisk walk after dinner to help keep in shape. I used to run but the knees don’t work any more so there is no excuse for not walking. By walking in the coldest months of the year, I can walk anywhere.



I am challenging myself to learn the world’s geography. By the end of the 68 days I will have memorized the geographical location of all 196 countries and will be able to locate each of them on a blank world map. I am motivated to do this in order to keep abreast of current events and be a better citizen of the world. Focusing on at least one continent per week I have no doubt that I will reach my goal. I am looking forward to a bigger brain in 2015!



As a new mom I am finding it difficult to spend time on myself, whether it be in my hobbies or in maintaining good health. My personal goal is to spend an hour everyday, uninterrupted, on one of my hobbies, whether it is knitting, photography or cooking. On those cooking days my family will be very pleased as completing my challenge will benefit them and their taste buds as well. I will also be keeping track of my water intake – drinking at least 8 glasses a day and will be spending 10 minutes a day on personal meditation. I believe that after the 68 days I will be able to not only achieve my goals but also will have a few incredible habits, better health and will be an all around better me.



My goal is to lose 13-15 pounds by immersing myself in fitness at the gym. I will be doing this four times a week with others and twice a week on my own. I’m doing this together with a team of 5 who are all taking part in the same challenge. I am also going to read one book a week and spend time writing in my personal journal every week as well. Woohoo!


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Good Luck, And Remember to Have Fun!