End Grain Wood Working Co.

We are so proud to be working with Endgrain Woodworking Co. on the Hometown Heroes Chest.

Hometown Heroes Chest

Chris Behm and Sam Constantine founded End Grain Woodworking Co in 2011. They started their company by working out of a two-car garage in their spare time. In 2012, they participated in the Detroit ReNailed Reclaimed Materials Building Competition. This competition was their first public event and they had a great response. They won the competition and invested the prize money into their business and they quickly started to see their company grow.

Chris Behm and Sam Constantine are prime examples of individuals that truly love what they do. There are many challenges they face with creating their products however, the challenges do not prevent them from dong what they love.

The wood that is used to make their products is native, and from Detroit. They use the wood that Detroit has to offer because it “adds a story to every piece that we have to offer”.

End Grain Woodworking Co offers an array of products. From Frames and mirrors, to coat hooks and flower vases. The skilled craftsmanship that has been put into each product. Visit their website to learn more! http://endgraindetroit.wix.com/tegwc