Breathtaking Church Wedding Locations, In Michigan!

This week, our intern Kurt Karas was inspired by The Life Chest Wedding Week Sale. Over 50% off select chests! He explored some of the elegant local chapels in southeastern Michigan. 

First, Kurt visited St. Mary's Queen of Creation Church, located at 50931 Maria St, New Baltimore, MI. This church is said to be filled with friendly people and has a great atmosphere. He was inspired by the elegant displays of stained glass and gorgeous monuments. This would be a perfect place for any couple looking to get married! For more information on the church and upcoming events, visit their Facebook page here. The church was founded in 1876 and has been around ever since!

Kurt continued on to visit the Christ Lutheran Church just up the road. It is located at 50750 Walpole St, in New Baltimore, MI. He was amazed by the delicate design of the building, the narrow stained glass windows and triangle design are very unique. A perfect example of a Life Chest Moment! To view their Facebook page, click here. This church offers services at 8 and 10 AM on Sundays during the summer. Youth activities are also available!

Saving the best for last, Kurt went to visit the Immaculate Conception Church. Their Facebook page has everything you need to know about the church. In addition to being a church, it is also a Pre - 8th grade school! It is located at 9764 Dixie Hwy, Ira Township, MI. This beautiful church has an amazing garden and decor to surround it. If you were ever looking for a place to get married, this would be it. Here are a few photos that Kurt took during his visit:

They also had a banquet room, perfect for any occasion, especially a wedding.

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