Book Review: Shark Tales

Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran

Reading is great especially when you’re lounging and tanning outside now that it is summer! A great book that we have all read here at The Life Chest, is the novel “Shark Tales” by Barbra Corcoran. Barbara Corcoran’s inspirational novel “Shark Tales” tells the story about how she got to be such a successful businesswoman with very little experience and knowledge about business and the real estate market.

In the novel she humorously tells her readers about how she got straight D’s on her report cards all throughout high school and how she was randomly introduced to the world of real estate with no experience. Barbara explains and justifies each of her business decisions with relating them to the life lessons her mother taught her during her upbringing.The novel is filled with advice and stories of business that Corcoran has picked up along the way of her real estate business. The book is a great book filled with humor and wit that illustrate creative and brilliant ways to guide you through whatever your career is!