An Inspiration, A Legacy, Barbie Ritzco

Barbie Ritzco

Barbie Ritzco was an American Hero, not only for serving her country in a military sense, but for being able to publicized her battle with breast cancer, her mastectomy, and her courage to go without reconstruction. Her positive outlook helped her touch and inspire many people to press on and keep pursuing what they wanted in life.

Barbie was in Aviation Administration in the Marines for over 20 years, just like her father and uncle before her. While she was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan she found a cyst and it was soon discovered that this cyst was actually breast cancer and she had to immediately start chemotherapy. After an unreal amount of medical treatments that year including a mastectomy and radiation she began to push her doctors and then herself to allow her to run, compete and stay active. She put herself back into her element in order to persevere and was able to help other women in turn through inspiration and motivation, she was even coined Marathon Barbie!

Barbie Ritzco died at the age of 39 after a recurrence of breast cancer, her legacy lives on through her stories, her photographs and her incredible mission: to prove to other women that life after a mastectomy can be fabulous. 

Barbie Ritzco we salute you!

Barbie Ritzco

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