An AVG Salute to Jill Conley, founder of Jill’s Wish

Jill Conley was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2009, one day before her 32nd birthday. She has openly shared her journey and has been an incredible motivator and inspiration for many women and their families.

Jill’s Wish helps families struggling with the financial repercussions of breast cancer.

Jill’s Wish is a source of information about the warning signs and treatments of breast cancer.

Jill’s Wish is a community, a place where women can share their story and go for support.

Please visit for more information and to donate.

Jill will be joining our CEO Donna Yost and the All Veteran Group in jumping from an AVG airplane for the cause.

Visit for more information about Mike Elliot and his team.

This video is their tribute to Jill Conley and her cause:

A Salute to Jill Conley!