10 Ways to Unleash Your I-Pump

Pumped up for Pumptitude

How does one find their individual and internal drive and ambition, and then unleash this ultimate I-Pump (Internal Pumptitude) every day for the rest of their natural life?

You will find the answer in Internal Pumptitude, the newest book by furniture retail giant Kim Yost.

Here are just 10 of the 68 ways to unleash your Internal Pumptitude so that you can inspire, grow and become more. You’ll find them in Chapters 4 and 5 of the book.

#17: Anything is possible

“The true learning, experience and benefit to your life is the journey, it’s not the destination.”

#18: Risk-taking – nine new stores in 91 days

“There is huge energy that is generated by new ventures that touch even those people who are not directly involved.”

#19: Ignore the naysayers

“If people are thoughtless with you, don’t put any thought into what they say or do.”

#20: Lifetime of achievement

“Unless you constantly refresh yourself, you don’t become great, you become stale.”

#21: Miracle morning

“If you want things to change in your life, you must first be willing to make those changes.”

#22: Schmonday

“We need to carve out our own time and focus on what’s really important so we can take it on.”

#23: Put on your shorts and go – rise and shine!

“You give me one hour, every day, of any type of activity, and I guarantee it will change your life.”

#24: Discipline – passion for the grind

“Without a passion for the grind, the grind will wear you away. We have to get up every morning and know that we will face challenges.”

#25: Compounding benefits – a win is a win

“By winning in one space, your confidence is expanded in another space.”

#26: Goal setting – set yourself in motion

“Make a list. Only include the goals that will truly change your life.”

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