Grandpa Willie the Navy Man

Last week we proudly co-hosted an event with Louis Vuitton and had the pleasure of hearing singer and song write Ajia perform with her incredible band. (See the previous post for more on this amazing event.)

Here is a Life Chest story about Ajia's gramps.

Grandpa Willie the Navy man. First, he was great friends with Lou Rawls they golfed together all the time. He was also the first black detective SanBernardino and when a rookie white cop was promoted over my grandfather even though he had everything in place tenure etc to be promoted he sued the department and won. That was unheard of especially back in those days. He was the SanBernardino Chapter President of the NAACP as well as a high-ranking Mason. He although never smoked or hardly drank outside of a few beers passed from cancer many years ago.