The Life Chest Vikings

good over evil

Before going forward, all door-ways should be looked to; for it is difficult to know  where foes may sit within a dwelling.
— A Saying From The Viking HÁVAMÁL

In the 1920s, a pattern of mysterious black dots was seen by Swedish border patrol skiers as they gazed into a desolate snow-filled valley from their vantage point on a windy ridge. Were the dots caused by the effects of the glaring white landscape on the skiers’ eyes, or were they the rooftops of ancient Viking lodges, peeking up through an age-old avalanche of snow? The answer remained unknown, buried in the bleakness of the inaccessible valley. Josh and Bernie, the main characters in the Life Chest series of adventure novels, encounter this mystery when they travel to Norway with their families.

What begins as a pleasant vacation turns into a thrilling and dangerous trek into the valley. Murder and betrayal accompany them, and the cousins must confront their own demons as well as a gang of treasure-hunting thugs when they discover Viking life chests overflowing with riches. The Nine Noble Virtues of Viking lore dovetail with the life chest lessons that Bernie and Josh strive to live by, making this story a unique addition to the ongoing life chest saga.