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The legacy continues with Zen.


The Life Chest Extreme Adventures Series

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BANGKOK: in the 1600s, Young Lek grew from a poor “river child” in Bangkok to be the “River King,” a Robin Hood-type hero. He used his employer’s ill-gotten gains to help the poverty-stricken and exploited people who lived and worked on the Chao Praya river. The monks he studied with as a boy kept his carved rosewood chest safe in the golden temple he created for them, even after he was captured and left in prison to die. His pure heart, plus the magic in the chest, enabled Lek to join the ranks of the Order of the Life Chest and become a time traveler.


Josh’s granddaughter April, now called Zen, runs the Life Chest Extreme Adventures travel agency. In 2169, while escorting a couple to Bangkok on a honeymoon trip, Zen discovers that the golden temple seems to no longer exist. With the help of her tech-savvy staff and a young monk who has similar powers, she makes a dangerous journey back in time to discover what happened to the lost golden temple and find a way to save it--and the life of Lek, the River King.