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The Life Chest Egypt Still

Life chests are unique, beautiful pieces of heirloom-quality furniture. They are meant to hold and protect their owners’ precious keepsakes, and be handed down to future generations—treasured for both the memories they contain and the inspiration they foster..

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The Life Chest Adventure Series consists of five novels featuring the adventures of two cousins named Josh and Bernie, as told by Josh in later years to his young granddaughter April. Josh and Bernie’s travels are inspired by the keepsakes they discover in their great-great-grandpa Kim’s life chest. Each keepsake has an intriguing mystery attached to it, prompting dangerous treasure hunts in faraway lands.

In the world of the novels, life chests are infused with magic. When a life chest has been filled with the treasured items and stories of a life well-lived, it is endowed with an ancient power and a potential for magic that Josh and Bernie discover over the course of the books.

Josh and Bernie travel to China, Africa, Europe, the Bahamas, India and Egypt. As they experience the wonders of the modern world, they discover the ancient world as well, through stories of historical characters such as 17th-century pirates and ancient Egyptian queens. The cousins—and the reader—also learn important lessons about family, integrity and legacy through the magic of the life chest.

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Life Chest Africa Still
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