The Life Chest Pirates

the secret of dead man’s cave

The Life Chest: Pirates
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Claudio in his Distinctive Clothing

“Life  can  be  short  and  life  can  be  sweet.  A  pirate’s  life  may  be  sweet,  but  it  is  more  likely  that  it  will  be  short.”

In the Golden Age of Piracy, a priceless stash of treasure was hidden on a remote island in the Caribbean by some very  clever—and ruthless—pirates.  

However, the secret to the location of the treasure was lost, and the pirates’ descendants despaired for centuries over the  mystery, while the riches remained untouched.    

Enter Josh and Bernie, more than 400 years later!  They gather information and maybe a little bit of magic from Gramps’ life chest to spark the quest.  

With the help of Gasparo, the young man they met in Italy at the close of  The Life Chest: Vikings, the cousins put their treasure hunting skills to use once again. They travel to the Bahamas, determined to discover the secret of Dead Man’s Cave and find the incredible treasure. 

Pirate tattoos, shark attacks, family secrets, false  pride and true heroism—all are part of this latest saga in the  Life Chest series of adventures.

Claudio Hiding Treasure in Cave Painting
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