The Life Chest Mummies

The curse of nefertari

The Life Chest: Mummies
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May the crocodile be against you in water and snakes against you on land. The gods will not accept your sacrifices. You and your descendants will be miserable and persecuted!
— Nefertari’s curse
April Visiting Josh at His Apartment

Cousins Bernie and Josh have spent years following in their grandfather’s footsteps as travelers and explorers. Inspired by items and stories from Grandpa Kim’s life chest, they solved mysteries and discovered treasure in the Great Wall of China, a diamond mine in Africa, a Viking village in Norway and an underwater pirate cave in the Bahamas. When they travel to Egypt, however, it’s a different story—their luck seems to have run out. After risking their lives again, they come home empty-handed. Is it time to retire from adventuring? Or will the next generation come forward and take up the cause? Josh’s granddaughter April has been hearing stories of Grandpa Josh and Uncle Bernie’s adventures since she was a little girl.

Now, she’s a smart, savvy and fearless young woman, and is ready to join the team. It’s a dream come true for grandfather and granddaughter to go on an adventure together, but the prospect of hunting for an ancient Egyptian city inside a mountain is daunting, and a mixture of magic, curses and life-threatening danger is just around the corner.

Tarset on the Throne
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