The Life Chest Extreme Adventure Series continues with:

 Machu Picchu

The forgotten incas

The Life Chest: Machu Picchu
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“Don’t go, Zen!” said the old monk. “It is dangerous to change the past, even to save lives. You must always consider the six laws of the Order when you struggle with a decision.”

Kava and Alonso's Meeting

After a dangerous trip to Thailand, Zen looks forward to an adventure that doesn’t involve things like attempted murder, blackmail and vicious giant lizards. She doesn’t get her wish.

While touring Brazil and Peru, Zen’s team and their clients are forced to battle both man and nature in their attempt to uncover the secrets of a hidden gold mine, once revered by the Inca. Even if they survive the perils caused by misguided loyalties and heartbreaking betrayal, the future of Zen’s Extreme Adventures itself may be threatened. Zen must also navigate the challenges and responsibilities of becoming a full member of the Order of the Indigo Magic. She fights for her life and that of her newfound friends in the past while struggling with the effects that her actions may have on the future.

Glittering Rio and mysterious Machu Picchu become the backdrops for intrigue, danger and discovery in this fast-paced journey which careens back and forth between the high-tech world

Ace Saves the Cable Car
Suspicious Characters in the Airport
ZEA Finds Gold and Other Riches in the Great Wall