Full Size Life Chests™

The Life Chest™ is the modern hope chest – an heirloom quality keepsake chest to hold life’s most precious memories. The Life Chest™ accompanies families and individuals through every phase of their life; from a major milestone to the most intimate memories.

Zen Blossom Life Chest™ Part of the Heirloom Collection

The Heirloom Collection

The Life Chest Heirloom Collection features elegant and sophisticated styles that will last generations. From the sparkling Aristocrat to the handsome Havana the Heirloom Collection is truly timeless.

The Aristocrat Life Chest™ 

The Havana Life Chest™

The Par 3 Life Chest™

The Eternity Life Chest™

The Legacy Life Chest™

The Zen Blossom Life Chest™

The Glamour Life Chest™

The New Yorker Life Chest™

Heritage Collection The Life Chest™

The Heritage Collection

The Life Chest Heritage Collection features an array of globally-infused styles. Each style has its own unique hand-painted details and playful elements.


The Athenian Life Chest™

The Florence Life Chest™

The Regent Life Chest™

The Colonial Life Chest™ 

The Oxford Life Chest™

The Salzburg Life Chest™

The Dynasty Life Chest™

The Prague Life Chest™

The Sicilian Life Chest™

Heroes Collection The Life Chest™

The Heroes Collection

The Life Chest Heroes Collection features Americana-inspired designs fit for every patriotic home. Including a USA made style and a design collaboration with U.S. Special Forces, these Life Chests are top brass! For those who serve, we salute you.

The Freedom Life Chest™

The Patriot Life Chest™