Maximum Pumptitude


Maximum Pumptitude


Are you ready to go full blast and live at maximum pumptitude?

In Kim’s second collection of inspiring stories and practical lessons. You’ll learn:

  • How Drew Dolski overcame adversity to break the one-day sales record at Art Van on Black Friday 2011
  • How my wife Donna turned her car into a university on wheels
  • How we opened six Brick stores in Montreal in one single day
  • The power of the Life Chest, in our own Jon Gordon-inspired fable
  • How to navigate through the Six Stages of Life
  • How to pump up your faith, energy, attitude, time, productivity, brand, relationships, legacy and futureAnd much, much more!

Surrounding these stories, you’ll find many more learnings from my experience, my reading and my many outstanding mentors. You met some of them in Pumptitude, like Brian Tracy, Art Van, Bill Comrie, Jon Gordon and many others. In Maximum Pumptitude, you’ll meet a whole host of new characters like Dan Thurmon, Mike Lipkin, Dave Phillips, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey and Coach John Wooden, just to name a few.

Just as we did in Pumptitude, I have numbered the learnings (68 of them in total), with the objective that if you open this book at any page, you will find amazing nuggets to help you make a great life.

Ignore these tools at your peril, or embrace them to achieve amazing success at everything that you do.

Dimensions: 6.25″ W x 1.1″ D x 9.25″ H

Weight : 1.5 lbs.


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