Tracie Werblow Granata - GM, Bay Athletic Club

Tracie Werblow Granata

Tracie Werblow Granate

I read in Kim’s book that, ‘Millions of people wake up every morning and say that they want change,’ and I can say that I have been among those millions at many times in my life, in many different areas of my life. What better place to make change and take an interest in changing than making a commitment with your new husband on your way to your honeymoon, with a suitcase full of your favorite shoes and great personal development books that a great friend recommended. Pumptitude and Maximum Pumptitude are exactly what I needed to FIRE UP. As the general manager of Bay Athletic Club in Alpena, MI and as an owner of my own Beachbody Health and Fitness business, I have learned how important personal development is. You can only grow as a leader when you continuously learn. If you aren’t learning, you are dying as a leader. I do not know Kim personally, but I feel like his books were meant to be in my life at this time. The books were amazing and my top takeaways were:

  1. Finding your Power Hour – With the 23-hour day, you can have that one hour for YOU! Use this hour to find your commitment to yourself, your goals, and your drive. It only takes one hour and this is what can move you forward and drive your needle.

  2. Commitment and the Power of the Third Really. People may be interested with just one “really,” but they are really committed with that third “really.” I’ve learned that you must work with the people who are as driven as you. If people are only interested, move forward and work with the willing.

  3. Never stay satisfied at mediocre, also known as 5,000 ft. The most successful people keep climbing to the 30,000 ft. mark. Stay hungry for your goals and you’ll keep climbing. Don’t take that foot off the accelerator and you’ll reach success in all areas of your life.

Walking the beach and talking about this book with my husband really helped our relationship as newlyweds. Relationships are so important for success, and communication is so important in relationships. These books create great conversations that nurture and feed our personal and professional lives. As a couple, we now have reasons to aim higher and work harder. We have goals. We have dreams. We “really, really, really” WILL create the best life possible for ourselves.

I will use these 68 ways in this book to have a great marriage and a great life. Listen, absorb and take action – that is all you need.