Teaching is a Tough Job

Whether it be kindergarten, high school, or college, teaching can be a tough job. Not only because of the grief caused by students, but as in every job, it can become stressful. As a student or parent, you have to do what is best in your power to make their life easier! There is no sense in confronting a teacher about a grade or situation in which you have no control over.

Teaching is actually a very positive job! You can inform students on certain subjects and help to develop them into a valuable contribution to society! Everybody seems to have that certain teacher that sticks out. For me, it was my 4th grade English instructor. Not only was he wise, but he made learning the information fun! He did this with interactive games and activities within the class. I actually got to know him on a personal level and still remain in contact with him today!

The bottom line is while teaching may be stressful at times, it is an unbelievably rewarding job to have!

In my opinion, every teacher should have a LIFE CHEST to store all the memories they have made over the years instructing!