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How Taking Notes Correlates to Good Grades

The one thing most people always dreaded in school was note-taking. I always thought of it as a waste of time. Why should I write down the information that is already presented in front of me? As time went on, I realized how important such a simple task really is. Note-taking helps you retain the majority of information you are being taught in class.

This is not just an opinion though. Research conducted by Cornell University states that "Not taking notes results in forgetting 60% of the information presented in 14 days." That is a staggering number! On the other hand, taking some notes results in remembering 60% of the information. However, taking organized, structured notes can result in remembering up to 90-100% of the information!

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Sadly, just taking notes is not enough. It is also proven that hand-writing notes over taking notes in a different way, such as on a laptop, can improve memory of the data. It is connected through muscle memory and your brain analyzing the words on the paper. So maybe next time you're in the classroom, it's time to get out a paper and pencil!

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