Supporting Our Hero’s This July 4th!

Another Fourth of July holiday weekend is here! That means barbecues, fireworks, and lots of laughter with family and friends! It’s the hallmark of summer, and conjures up many great memories. We always get more than a little nostalgic when we think of past Independence Days; gloriously warm weather, being dazzled by all of the fireworks in the night sky of our neighborhood, even something as simple as a childhood favorite popsicle or the smell of dinner on the grill. As fun as the Fourth of July is, we have to remember what the red, white, and blue of the holiday symbolize, and who makes it possible.

Here at The Life Chest, we fully support our military, and want to thank every serviceman and woman for all of their countless sacrifices that ensure our freedoms and keep us safe. Without them, celebrating this holiday wouldn’t be possible. We are so grateful to our soldiers, and in the spirit of the 4th of July holiday, want to make a big announcement: we’re taking our “Save a Life, Leave a Legacy” CrowdRise campaign and creating it into a full-time Life Chest program!

We are the company with a purpose-driven mission, and nothing makes us happier than when we’re giving back. We’ve learned so much from our original two-month span of the campaign, but no lesson was greater than the amazing feedback we received. From the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix to being featured in Times Square, we were bound and determined to spread the word! Everyone from ordinary citizens to active duty service members expressed their desire to help. So many people love and support our combat-injured troops, and we want to continue to reach out to help them in a meaningful way. By creating our campaign into an ongoing program, we ensure that we can do our absolute best at all times to provide our wounded soldiers with something truly special. Just as a legacy is forever, our program will be as well!

We want to thank our incredible donors for their support- without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Your giving spirits continue to inspire us. If you have not donated to our campaign yet, we ask that you please do so, not only in the spirit of Independence Day, but for everyone in the military who has never met you, yet fights for you every day. Donating is fast and easy: visit and click the big button on the right that says “DONATE to this fundraiser”. You can also write a check made out to ‘The Life Chest Charity Account’, and mail it to our office address at 3331 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 118, Troy MI 48084.

When you donate, we give Freedom Life Chests to veterans who have been wounded in combat or are struggling with PTSD. Through this tangible object, soldiers can place the things that matter the most to them in the world, and focus on connecting their past to present in a positive way. As they revisit the contents of their Life Chest, the objects they have placed within can become an amazing source of healing and growth. We want to give as many combat-injured veterans as possible that opportunity. Don’t read this post and go on with your day- please take action. Donate, and make a difference in a soldier’s life!

From all of us at The Life Chest, thank you, and happy Fourth of July to our American military as well as our family, friends, and followers!