Gotta Catch Em' All!

The new reality based game PokemonGo has taken the world by storm! The basis of the game is incorporating real life places and hot spots with the fantasy world of Pokemon. Basically, you can walk around neighborhoods looking for Pokemon to collect. Pokemon are fictional characters that are based off of the 90's animated TV show Pokemon.

The real reason the game is so popular is because it is free and is only available as an app on your phone. This is very convenient and fun for people, especially the ones that grew up watching the show Pokemon.


However, the game is becoming a real danger to innocent players. Players have to walk around in order to attract Pokemon and make the game work. Seeing as it is based on GPS, the game knows exactly where you are at. People playing the game seem to have completely lost all interest in reality. What that means is that people aren't paying any attention to their surroundings while walking around looking for Pokemon. If you do have the game, make sure to always be alert of what is around you. Never walk into a dangerous situation.