Discovering Your Family Heritage

Building off one of our recent blog posts, our intern Kurt Karas recently did some genealogy research. You wouldn't believe what he found!

After Kurt had met with the librarian it was time do some real research. He started out on his Dad's side of the family. He went back to his Dad's Grandpa in the early 20th century. Doing this research is as simple as typing a name into a search bar and inputting a general location. Up popped Kurt's Great Grandpa's home address in 1929. While tracing a little bit further back he found the documentation that stated his great grandparents came over on a boat from Italy to Ellis Island in New York. Kurt was amazed! He also discovered that the value of his grandparents home when they moved to Wayne County, MI was a whopping $2,500!

On his Dad's father's side, Kurt went all the way back to the 1930's to research their place of residence. He found out one shocking fact while doing this research. His grandpa actually had 11 siblings! This completely amazed Kurt as I he had no idea until he saw the census paperwork. 

For his Mom's side of the family, Kurt found some very interesting information out about his grandpa. Kurt never met or knew much about his grandpa, so all of the following information was unique. Kurt discovered that his grandpa was actually a first-class private in the United States military in the 1940's. It was so cool to see his signature on military paperwork! Also, Kurt discovered his grandpa was born in Kentucky. While he knew his mom had family there, Kurt had no clue he was actually born out of state. 

Next time you need resources or information, I recommend going to your public library! It is a fantastic, peaceful atmosphere that is available for your studies. You can visit the Troy Public Library website here.

Also, when doing research on family history I recommend! It is a cool place to find census data, probate information, military records, and much more on your past family members!

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