A Mothers Day Salute to Military Moms

We would like to give a big salute to all of the Military Moms out there, for the extraordinary mothers in the military and for the mothers who support, love and take care of our military men and women.


We found this interesting article about some of the Most Powerful Military Moms, click to learn about more, here is one of the Mom’s featured:

“Lieutenant Colonel Burrow has accomplished several firsts for women in the Marines. She was the first woman in the Marines selected for naval aviation training and subsequently became the Marines first female aviator in 1993.” With Twin 8 year old boys and a 3 year old son, Lieutenant Colonel Burrow is an incredible inspiration to all mothers out there working towards their goals and still having time for their family.

This video of soldiers reuniting with their mothers by surprise will  melt your heart. We honor those who serve and we honor their mothers too.