A Day of Rememberance

            The next holiday is approaching rather quickly. Memorial Day is a day in which its meaning may have been lost over the years. The true meaning behind Memorial Day is remembering the servicemen and women that gave their lives for the United States of America.

            Memorial Day is also the unofficial beginning of summer! We are hopeful for good weather and some fun in the sun! Whether you spend Memorial Day barbecuing, swimming, or relaxing, we at The Life Chest™ hope it is a fantastic day for you and your family!

            Do not forget about the people who gave their lives so all of the above activities are possible. The feeling of losing a loved one to combat is incomparable to anything else. It is up to us to keep the memory and spirit of those individuals alive.

In honor of those who have served, have lost, and still serve today, we salute you!

The Patriot

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