The Life Chest Extreme Adventure Series begins with:


the lost temple of gold

The Life Chest: Bangkok
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 “Now, in the presence of the Dynasty chest, Zen felt the magic alchemy more strongly than ever. Her eyes began to glow blue when she reached into the chest. She touched the prayer bead and the blue light emanating from the chest completely enveloped her. She disappeared.”

April and Elliot in front of the The Royal Pantheon in Bangkok

Ever since she was a little girl, April had a sense that life chests—what her family called the chests in which they stored precious memories and keepsakes—were magic. She was right, but she didn’t know the extent of the magic and her power to access it until she became a young woman. What had started out as a “tickly feeling” when she held a treasured memento from a life chest became visions of people and events in the memento’s history. Then something even more astounding occurred. She began to actually travel into the past! With the spirit of her beloved grandfather to guide her, April—nicknamed Zen by Grandpa Josh —must learn how to use this gift. She and the six-person team who run her extreme adventure travel agency discover unexpected dangers on a life-changing trip to Thailand, where the oldest and most powerful life chest resides. The magic of the ancient Dynasty chest catapults Zen to exotic 17th century Bangkok, where she discovers the famous lost temple of gold and the people who risk their lives to protect it. Can she use her time travel abilities to help them and save the beloved temple? Or will doing so put her and her team in even more peril? 

Lek the River King Helping the Children
Elliot and Tam Fiddling with Cricket
Zen Telling Shan and Tien What She Has Discovered