The Life Chest Africa

The Life Chest : Africa
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In the second book of the Life Chest series, The Life Chest: Africa, Josh and Bernie travel the length of the continent of Africa to find a priceless treasure. As they search for seven life chests that hold clues to the location of a legendary diamond mine, the cousins and their new companions encounter excitement and danger, including a gang of ruthless poachers who would kill to get their hands on the sacred diamonds.

One lazy afternoon, Bernie and Josh look through the African treasures in Great-Great-Grandpa Kim’s life chest. They discover the tale of the sacred diamonds from a story in Gramps’ journal about a Zulu shaman and his people who were forced to work in the diamond mines. When they also find a hand drawn map and a dinner plate with painted clues, they decide to travel to Africa, attempt to recover the diamonds, and use them to help the African people and animals.

Get ready to travel with Josh and Bernie on their fascinating journey, from a safari camp in South Africa to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, as they experience the magic, mystery and wonder of Africa’s life chest story.

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